Life Coaching Individual and Group

PL Stafford & Associates provides individual and group coaching and personal development workshops.  It is a sole-proprietor business owned by me, Paige Stafford.  As a Life Coach, I work with people who are wanting more contentment (Joy, Connection/Deeper Relationships, Peace) in their lives.   One way to do this to tap into the client’s inner-world to find parts of them that had been cast aside but are now screaming for attention.  The task is to re-affirm these parts and make the person whole again.  In this space, the client can have a new sense of creativity, openness, expression, and feeling.

Mindfulness is also a big part of my coaching practice.  It is critical to growth and is the foundation for understanding the self.  Mindfulness also leads the way to conscious choices and making changes that stick. 

Give Yourself the Care and Respect you Deserve

Life coaching, in general,  is a special opportunity to focus time and energy on personal growth and on reaching goals that seem impossible.  It starts with the individual, as a whole person: your values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment, and life purpose.  It’s about being heard, truly heard and honored for your gifts and uniqueness.  It’s about getting past the hurdles that have blocked your way and left you wondering why it’s not working.

Life coaching is a partnership between coach and client that is based on trust and a commitment for both to show up with a clear agenda and intention of openness, willingness, and honesty.

I help empower people to reach their goals, strengthen and heal relationships, and find more connection, joy, and love in their lives.  As a Life Coach, I support and empower individuals and groups breakthrough the obstacles that get in the way of their goals, relationships, and happiness.  It’s not like seeing a psychotherapist.  It’s more like working with someone whose primary purpose is to empower you, to find the real you in order to BE the best you.

PL Stafford & Associates holds and trains courses to foster creativity in the individual, community, and the world.  The Power-of workshops were created by the More To Life Foundation, a non-profit organization who is committed to empowering individuals to bring their best self forward, again and again, in response to the challenges and goals that are specific to one’s own life path.

Depending on your objectives, you are likely going to want to get the best bang for your buck.  By offering packages, you can design your goals in coaching.  We offer individual, monthly, and 3-month and 6-month packages.

I have been a Life coaching since July 2018.  I received certification through Coach Training Alliance (CTA) January 2019.  I am currently working toward ICF’s ACC certification.

I have been trained as a facilitator and personal-development mentor with the More To Life foundation (MTL).  My focus with them is Personal empowerment in finding purpose, self-esteem, and deepening relationships.  I have been certified with MTL since 2016.

And I am a certified Life coach through the Coach Training Alliance and am currently working toward the ACC coaching certification through the International Coaching Federation. And I am a member of the ICF and ICFTN coach federation organizations.

 Paige Stafford, Owner PL Stafford & Associates

Paige Stafford, Life Coach, Facilitator and Owner of PL Stafford & Associates