When I was Free

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I was a child running in the cool summer grass. It was dusk and my long shadow darted behind me. No, it was a deer chasing me, I pretended. I felt completely one with my body, so fast, so easily catapulting myself forward into the next landing blow toward the ground far in front of me. I was completely free and felt amazing joy in my human form.

Forty years later, I still remember when I was a child running in the cool summer grass. I can be her again, right now, and imagine the man that is today my son and see him differently. At this moment, I don’t see lack or disappointments. That little girl looked up and was delighted to see this young man, so handsome, kind and gentle. He is, will be, her gift from life. And in this space, I am unburdened, completely free to let in the amazing joy of the gift that is my son.

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2 thoughts on When I was Free

  • Kim March 13, 2019

    Our children are our greatest gifts ever received!! That was beautiful Paige.

  • Celestial Plane March 17, 2019

    Nothing in this life means more than the gifts we create. Everything is and will be connected. This was viseral for me.


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