Life Coaching

Admit the dream you yearn for and DECLARE IT REAL!

Are you ready to focus time and energy on personal growth and on reaching goals that seem impossible?

Life coaching is about getting past the hurdles that have blocked your way and left you wondering why it’s not working. It starts with the individual, as a whole person: your values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment, and life purpose.  It’s about being heard, truly heard and honored for your gifts and uniqueness.

Coaching Individuals, Couples and Groups

About PL Stafford and Associates

The most critical asset to ensure the success of my business, called PL Stafford and Associates, is my willingness to have it, to admit the dream I yearn for, to step into it and declare it real.

I learned that the people who are open, open to their feelings, open to looking at the world as it truly is, are the kinds of clients I work best with. And although not intentionally targeted, I find that most tend to be women who want to get beyond what limits them. And like me, they are willing to admit the dreams they yearn for and declare them real.

My business works because I know I am good at this thing I call Life Coaching.  I am curious, intuitive, well-trained, and I am especially able to notice nuances in people’s stories that are out of place, see the triggers, see the lies that they might unknowingly tell themselves. Perhaps it is because of my personality type that makes analytical thinking second nature to me. Perhaps it has to do with my many years of personal development or working though my early traumas. Maybe it’s none of that.

Regardless, the most important thing I want people to know about my business, about me, is that I do this because I want to be of service, to share my gift, my calling. I want to help, not just for you to achieve your goals, but for you to see the life that is yours and to HAVE IT.

My goal is to help you see the world as it truly is, beyond any filters, limiting beliefs, and judgments that block your access to abundant love, contentment, and compassion.

My goal, one person at a time, is to build a stronger sense of individual well-being that shines outward to create a better world, for everyone.

About Paige Stafford

I have been a Life coaching since July 2018.  I received certification through Coach Training Alliance (CTA) January 2019.  I am currently working toward International Coaching Federation‘s ACC certification and am a member of the ICF and ICFTN coach federation organizations.

I have been trained as a facilitator and personal-development mentor with the More To Life foundation (MTL).  My focus with them is Personal empowerment in finding purpose, self-esteem, and deepening relationships.  I have been certified with MTL since 2016.

 Paige Stafford, Owner PL Stafford & Associates

Paige Stafford, Life Coach, Facilitator and Owner of PL Stafford & Associates

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