Being Alive

People aren’t looking for the meaning of life; they’re looking to feel more alive. In order to sustain life, the heart cannot beat in the past nor can the lungs breath in the air from the future. This ever-present momentRead More

Hiding Me

I’ve been hiding this for some time and want to finally rid myself of its burden. I want you to know that everything I told you was true. But what I did not tell you was also true. What IRead More

Strangers in Good Company

In the movie “Strangers in Good Company,” a group of elderly women slowly hobbled out of a lame bus, onto an isolated Canadian dirt road, and into their lives.  The bus driver though younger and nevertheless mature and wiser thanRead More

When I was Free

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This short essay attempts to highlight the burdens we tend to carry as we mature. By viewing through your young eyes, the burden lifts, and so perspective changes.

About Conflict

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I was listening to an audiobook detailing the ways to handle conflict in the workplace. It simplified this complex human construct by organizing the attributes of conflict into lists, such as the types of things people disagree about, and theRead More

Sitting in my Mind

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How long have I been here, churning through my thoughts which ground away my resolve? When did it start? Ah, she said boo and I shut down to be alone with my familiar self-destructive thoughts. She wasn’t aware because IRead More


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When our collective effort is united behind a singular purpose, the universe is then more aligned, and the energy that gathers behind this shared purpose is undeniably more effective. These words bring to mind Victor Frankl and his memoirs inRead More

Why We Laugh or Cry

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With the unexpected punchline, you laugh with delight.  Your friend is so witty.  But when he repeats the joke to others, you don’t find it funny at all, and are actually quite annoyed that he would repeat it for theRead More

My Neighbor

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Almost to the end of my jog, my neighbor stepped from her front door out onto her lawn, and sent me a non-verbal apology for meeting my gaze. She put the miniature dog she was holding onto the lawn andRead More

Teachers Appear

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I had a heartfelt conversation with a friend tonight who believes that he is doomed to live a life in which he will only be able to create “monsters” with his love. He believes his bad choices are his burden,Read More