Power of Love

Power of Love…

My hair is newly cut, and dangles into my face, loose from its binding hair tie, hidden from view… But covers my only working eye, enclosing me more into darkness. Too, it covers one nostril, and is blown in and out as I breath, reminding me that I am alive.

My heart aches. Disappointment from my adult child. How did I raise such a one that doesn’t honor his parent. It’s my fault.

Heart ache.

Pounding energy beats my chest with chaotic pulses and throbbing.  It circulates within, unable to find the way out.  The way out… because to remain would hurt too much.

Love. I love my son. I love him effortlessly, and without reason. Love is easing my pain, pushing out the energy down into my solar plexus, and rolls around there until a warmth rushes my core that reaches up to my throat… my temples. My crown tingles…

Love. That’s the way out. We know it instinctively.

Throbbing energy pulsates from a source within my heart. I am still hurting in the midst of the open door. How long do I have to endure the discomfort?

Oh, this Love… I sense it evolving to hope, to compassion of him, of me… of other mothers, of his future fatherly self.

Flowing energy sourced from deep within a cavernous void of pain…. I will bleed out this pain eventually, and that part of me will die, a welcome death.

Love is the way out… and the way to new life. Love is the most powerful source of rebirth.